General Questions

Transfer means carrying passengers from point A to point B (specified by the customer) at a designated price.
It includes a suitable car, driver, fuel and all necessary insurance.
The transfer does not include the extended stay for long lunches and dinners on the road and exits of route excursion or similar purposes. Comprehension are each make two hours 10 min. In order to break using the toilet, fast food, coffee and more.
If you want additional services associated with a longer stay, hotel or your additional commitment need to inform us in advance and it can be added to the price.
Yes. Transfers are two types - one-way to two-way.
Single transfer a passenger in one direction only. The prices which are indicated on the site are оди one-way transfer.
The two-way transfer is to transport passengers in one direction and those passengers must be transported back after a certain time to the place of departure.
The price depends on several additional factors and we need more information for its precise definition. It is therefore necessary to contact us to get a detailed offer.


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